Glenelg OCS Stallholders

The Organic Corner Store welcomes and supports organisations, businesses and individuals who embrace the principals of organic, fair trade, natural and healthy living. We have a wide range of products and interests from vegan products, to healthy living coaching, non-toxic healthy products and a host of others.

Our Glenelg North Organic Corner Store stallholders change from time to time and are available as their time permits.  Some stallholders are at every Organic Corner Store market while others participate one or two times a month.  Read more about our wonderful stall holders at the Glenelg North Organic Corner Store here and feel free to reach out to them if you have any questions regarding their products or whether they will be in attendance at our next organic market.

Seed Independent Organic Co

Seed Independent Organic Co was founded in 2012 by Emily Jaggard after health issues forced her to look at every aspect of her family's lifestyle and wellbeing. She realised that while she had always strived to prepare healthy meals, the supermarket ingredients in her pantry were full of unnecessary chemicals, additives and toxins that she felt were counteracting her efforts.

After uninspiring and overwhelming experiences at health food stores she decided to start her own organic supply company with the aim to provide Certified Organic, Raw and Natural Food produce at affordable prices in a simple and straightforward way.

Read more: Seed Independent Organic Co

Nadja's Garden

nadjaNadja's Garden

Grow your own green thumbs!
See Nadja for home garden consultations and coaching, organic heirloom vegetable seeds, fresh home-grown herbs, and garden designs that are both edible and beautiful, 
Find inspiration at and Nadja's Garden on facebook.  Ph 0410 636 857.


enjoNot just a pretty fibre, ENJO's chemical-free fibre cleaning system will change your weekly cleaning and shopping routine for the better. 

It saves what's precious to you – time and money – and what's precious to our future – health, water and the environment. Have a chat with Cheryl at Organic Corner Store.

Puraforce Remedies









Puraforce Remedies - we make and promote our own natural homoeopathic drops, creams and ointments. The result of 10 years of clinical experience all of our formulas are tried and tested. We are passionate about educating and promoting natural alternatives to healthcare. Our aim is to empower parents with natural products that really work to treat everyday common ailments in their homes safely and effectively.

Suzie - Lotta Designs

''Susie-Lotta Designs creates new unique designs every month!SLD4

Suzanne's work is inspired by her time in Scandinavia and her products are in harmony with nature. She uses hemp & organic cotton in many of her items.

Many of her items are made in Australia eg: cushions, hemp lip-balms, cards, tea-towels, aprons.

Read more: Suzie - Lotta Designs

doTerra Essential Oils



dōTerra Essential Oils

dōTerra Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils represent the safest, purest and most beneficial essential oils available in the world today. They’re gently and skillfully distilled from plants that have been patiently harvested at the perfect moment by experienced growers from around the world for ideal extract composition and efficacy. Experienced essential oil users will immediately recognise dōTerra’s superior quality standard for naturally safe, purely effective therapeutic-grade essential oils.

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Cargocycles Adelaide

cargo bikeReally useful bicycles.
Cargo bikes are like a cross between a comfy commuter bike and a 4WD...  the Yuba cargo bikes ride just like a normal bike, but can carry adults, children, groceries, hardware, picnic hampers, other bikes... you name it. Also available with electric assist to handle hills, headwinds and heavier loads. The perfect way to carry your market shopping :)
See Nadja for a test ride. and Cargocycles Adelaide on facebook.  Ph Nadja 0410 636 857 or Andrew 0418 866 470.

Natural Fun

I am Bron from Natural Fun. I started making and selling playdough in September 2012 after my 4 year old spent hours playing with my first batch, I thought every child should be able to play with some nice smelling, glittery playdough. So in my first 3 months I was selling playdough in all sorts of sizes. My whole table at a market (mainly OCS) was playdough. Now my playdough is getting lost in amongst the variety of fantastic natural products I've sourced for children. 100% safe for the kids and also the environment. They don't need everything made of plastic, so therefore you wont find much plastic in what I sell. There is so much available for kids that is so much safer for them than the range of toys you find in a department store!!

Read more: Natural Fun

Tri Nature by Connie

Hi, I'm Connie and I am a Tri Nature Distributor. I run the Tri Nature and Puraforce Stalls down at OCS on a Thursday

A little about me: I come from a Science background, have a Bachelor of Science and Advanced Diploma in Homoeopathy. I have been in the world of natural therapies and products for over 15 years and love it!

I came across Tri Nature 9 years ago, after the birth of my second child. At the time I had 2 small children, both still in nappies and the constant washing had left my hands dry, cracked and bleeding.

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thermomixThermomix Consultants will regularly demonstrate the uses of this kitchen tool at Organic Corner Store Glenelg North and Bellevue Heights.


Halo Organics

My name is Rebecca Roberts and I am the creator of Halo Organics skin care products.  I am a Beauty Therapist by trade and have been in the industry for 20+years.  From a young age I have been interested in using natural ways to improve health and well being. In my early 20's I started to research the ingredients that were being used in skin care products and became increasingly bewildered by the amount of carcinogenic ingredients that made it into these products. In the early years of bearing children I was increasingly aware of the baby products that are full of potential irritants and generally unsafe ingredients. I took it upon myself to start experimenting with basic skin care for myself and my kids.  After having so much fun in the experimental stage I decided to do a short course on cosmetic chemistry and continued working on my formulations.

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Glenelg North Market Stallholders


Volunteers Needed

Glenelg North OCS:

7:30am every Thursday

Volunteering is what makes a co-op a co-op... the only way we operate is through the hard work of all our volunteers.