Organic Corner Store is located at 1a Alison St, Glenelg North, South Australia.
Within our shop we provide affordable and accessible organic produce and products to our community.
We source the freshest certified organic fruit and vegetables and stock a unique range of healthy, bulk and eco-friendly products.
We are proud to stock 
*Kinmana Organics
*McGwerriton eggs
*Paris Creek Farms
*Shady Grove Goat Milk
*Triple B Beef
*Dyers Bakery
*The Tea Catcher
*Gemma Vendetta Cosmetics
*OmMade Organic Skincare
*Wrappa reusable food wraps 
*No Pong deodorant 
*ONYA produce bags 
*SWAG bags 
*Peace, Love, Veg Sourkraut
…just to name a few.
Six years ago the shop opened as a one day per week market- it has grown and changed and it is now time to bring our community a shop with longer hours, better access and more products.





Organic Corner Store (OCS) co-op


The OCS co-op provides customers with certified organic, seasonal produce with limited packaging. OCS orders directly from a wholesaler, and the co-op bags are packed by volunteers. There is no markup on the produce, so customers are accessing reasonably priced certified organic fruit and vegetables.


How does the OCS co-op work?

Co-op bags include a range of seasonal, certified organic fruit and vegetables, and they are available to order every week.  The bulk order is delivered each week and then separated by volunteers into bags by 8am for collection by customers.


The pre-ordered bags are available as $30 mixed fruit and vegetable bundles (and you can order more than one bag). 


Also, we have an honesty swap box, where you can swap any produce from your bag.


OCS does not add a profit margin, however a $5 fee is added to each order to cover the wholesaler’s delivery fee, cost for the packaging and administration. That is only one $5 fee no matter how many bags you order each week (1 bag = $35, 2 bags = $65, 3 bags = $95, 4 bags = $125…).


What do I need to do to order a co-op bag?

Order your bag(s) by 6pm Monday for collection on Thursday.   

              Order by clicking the above button - once you're in PayPal.Me please put the  correct amount for the bag/s: 1 bag = $35.00 | 2 bags = $65.00 | 3 bags = $95.00

You can also pop into store before Monday 6pm to pay and order your bag via cash or eftpos.


Be at Organic Corner Store, 1a Alison Street, Glenelg North, 8am - 7pm Thursday to collect your bag.

store membership

We offer our customers a LIFETIME membership.


Membership is $25 and includes:

*Exclusive invitations to member events and specials

*Informative newsletters (we promise that they won’t come too often!)

*Members discount -  10% OFF every item every day (excluding meat and co-op)

newsletter subscription

Click the icon above to join our newsletter. Pop "newsletter" in the subject line of the email and send it to us! We will add you to the list! You will receive an email each Saturday reminding you to order your co-op bag and telling you about great products and specials.

our commitment

“We are committed to caring for ourselves, our families, our community, our farmers and our planet. We enjoy sourcing organic, natural, healthy produce and products with minimal packaging from suppliers who have become our friends! We look forward to meeting you in the shop and telling you stories about the farmers and products!” 

Emily, Zeljka and Aasha

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